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Bad Pun Corner.

We’ve come a long way from ‘Phew! What a scorcher.’ There was a time when headline writers trading in amusing pun-filled headlines could bring a smile to the face while, most importantly, catching your eye and eventually drawing you into the story underneath.

Maybe it’s just me (and yes I’m willing to concede it might be) but these days the increasingly desperate punning headlines are more likely to produce a roll of the eyes if not a pained groan. Witnesses for the prosecution follow below M’lud.

For the Sam Allardyce to Everton story the Daily Star gifted us with – ‘Goodisam Park.’ Really?

Only for The Mirror to see and then raise them with – ‘Hireman Sam.’

Still with me? Then buckle-up as these two were followed the next day by the extraordinary – ‘Ali2jah’ celebrating Dele Alli’s two goals against Real Madrid.

I’m not even sure if ‘pun’ is the right word for this. It’s some kind of textspeak abomination intent on making the world a worse place.

I wonder how many nods all of the above had to get before they made their way into print. I’d like to think once the papers did roll off their respective machines some of those heads hung in shame… But I doubt it.

Midfield General (ret.)

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