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Bad Pun Corner

The international break meant slim pickings for our pun writers. Instead of having an entire league or two to play with they were restricted to only those people and issues in around the national sides. This was a tough challenge but there was a clear winner in the bad pun shoot-out. Step forward the soar-away Sun.

The Mirror did its best to counter with the outrageous ‘I Phil Like A Fool’ to title the news of Phil Jones injury after warming up with the jabbing ‘Stress Rehearsal’ commenting on the possibility of Gareth Southgate instigating penalty practice sessions in front of fans.

But they couldn’t even get close to The Sun’s heady disregard for good taste with ‘Hart Glove Triangle.'

One wonders if it was conceived as a gambit to snare the football-ignorant passer-by with the suggestion of some off the field shenanigans. They would at least have the promise of something beyond the hauntingly bad pun the rest of us were slapped with, if only for a minute.

But The Sun were not done. The very next day they came back with another masterclass display for the following herd. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you ‘Spaghetti oops’.

Midfield General (ret.)

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