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Great Goals

This goal really is something special but not for the team-play, passing vision or execution of the shot. It is special for the story that comes with it, a story so bizarre that all fans will remember it and then silently wonder how far they are off doing something so monumentally stupid (the answer if they are sane they will keep to themselves).

The story is so ridiculous that one hates oneself for hoping that it is true. It would probably be better for humanity in general if it were just a clever urban myth dreamed up by a talented keyboard trickster. To try and let myself off the hook I spent an afternoon attempting to track down ‘the con’ that might give it away. I couldn’t.

Instead I will simply lay before you the goal that lost a man a house.

Henry Dhabasani, a reckless gooner, made a bet with his Manchester United supporting friend, Rashid Yiga, on the outcome of the meeting between the two sides in November 2013. Arsenal lost 0 – 1 and as if to add insult to severe injury Robin Van Persie scored it.

The legend relates that Dhabasani fainted at the final whistle.

Midfield General (ret.)

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