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Bad Pun Corner

The Manchester and Liverpool derbies on Sunday sucked most of the air out of the footballing news but The Mirror did manage to sneak in one headline of note before succumbing. Over the image of an upside-down Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang they ran with 'Come On Auba To Our Place' which, if the player concerned ever got the chance to see it, probably did get his head to spinning.

The Mirrors efforts were, however, instructional for a newcomer to Bad Pun Corner. Dear, The Sunday Times, yes we see your 'David slays Goliath' but you really must do worse if you want to become a regular on these pages.

Rolling on . . . and it was the Mancunian game, a clash between first and second, and its aftermath, a comedic multi-lingual melee that captured most of our punning headlines. The day before the Daily Star paraphrased José Mourinho, United's manager and master of the tactical dig, to produce 'Windy City.' A comment on how little it took to send a City player to the turf.

After the game, a win for City to the evident rage of Mourinho, The Sun got all nostalgic. Put on your bucket hat and pick up those glow sticks, It’s ‘Madchester’ all over again!

Midfield General. (Ret.)

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