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Great Goals

I remember once hearing Tim Vickery when describing some particularly flashy winger say that he would rather beat a defender and then go back and beat him a second time instead of crossing the ball into one of his teammates in the box. It is tempting to think the same thing about this goal but watch carefully and it becomes clear that the movement prior to the shot is not embellishment. At every point the player is looking for the opening and with every turn the chance for a better one is visible if not attainable to anyone but those with his degree of close-control.

Jay-Jay Okocha. So good they named him twice.

This goal is legendary in Germany. Partly because of who it was that failed to prevent it. The mighty Oliver Kahn, the only keeper in the history of the World Cup to win the FIFA Golden Ball for the best player of the tournament, must have been dizzy by the time Okocha lets fly. The chicanery is so extreme it has actually been immortalised in a t-shirt. A broken line follows the ball’s path through the dribble and strike into the goal. It is notated by the player’s name, the team he had just humiliated and the date.

Midfield General (ret.)

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