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Bad Pun Corner

With the transfer window now open we could have filled this week’s spot with nothing but headlines concerning the month’s musical chairs merry-go-round. But that was before Liverpool crashed Manchester City’s party and turned the music off.

The big boys had at each other with this story. First up was The Mirror leading its coverage with ‘Klopp Idols.’

Only for The Sun to reply with the mind-bending ‘Pep Shock Boys’. Feel free to take a moment and read that again. It may take a couple of rereads to get it.

So now you hate me. I understand and I won’t hold it against you.

One enormous transfer between Southampton and Liverpool has already occurred but, with that out of the way, the press are concerning themselves with Alexis Sanchez’s destination and his replacement at Arsenal. At this point Manchester United appears to be in pole-position with Chelsea perhaps attempting a late challenge. But, earlier in the week the papers had both Manchester City and Liverpool in the mix, which lead to the rather alarming ‘Flirty Sanchez’ being served up by The Star.

To those ignorant of the non-footballing element that makes this headline a pun, I appeal to you - do not look it up. You don’t need that in your head.

As to who will take Sanchez’s shirt, I have no doubt our writers are crossing their fingers for Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang. Witness the following for a taste of what could be to come.

Midfield General. (Ret.)

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