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Bad Pun Corner

Fallout from a, disappointing for some, end to the transfer window provides us with our first banner. The Sun’s take on the story was less about the player, Riyad Mahrez, than his team who (according to the paper) are increasingly miffed about his not showing up to training. Whatever the actual depth of concern on either side The Sun did manage to squeeze a top quality bad pun out of the affair.

The Sun are flexing their punning muscles all over February. Since the closing of the January window two stories have dominated: Chelsea’s alarming dip in form and, this weekend, the Liverpool verses Tottenham game and dubious referring calls within. Not making the final cut but deserving of dishonourable mentions are ‘I Mossed Up TV Call’, referring to Jon Moss the ref of the Liverpool match, and ‘Klopp Strop.’ Both originating in The Sun.

The Metro along with the entire press-pack picked up on the disputed decisions and the Liverpool manager’s unhappiness but went with the slightly more refined ‘Jurgen Stropp’.

The Mirror meanwhile put the boot into poor Antonio Conte. Chelsea in the space of one week have lost 0-3 to AFC Bournemouth and 4-1 to Watford.

Considering the blue’s trigger-happy owner it’s hard to argue with the doomy sentiment of their back page.

Midfield General. (Ret.)

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