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Great Goals

I am going to be generous and assume Arsenal supporters have stopped crying into their pints at the sight of Harry Kane. Take heart Gooners, you are hardly the first club to let a future superstar slip through your fingers. The goal-machine that was Raúl was also an Atlético Madrid youth player (prior to some bright spark deciding to shut down Atlético’s youth team) before moving to city rivals Real and winning so many honours there simply isn’t space to list them.

Giuseppe Signori was another unstoppable striker. In his 152 appearances for Lazio he scored 107 goals. Not bad for a player deemed too small to make it as a professional by the development team at Inter Milan. One can only imagine how they felt as he smashed in goals game after game.

Gifted but blessed with an even temperament, Signori was also the penalty taker for his team and he had a unique style. A good friend of mine told me he once saw someone try and replicate it in a park game. It did not end well.

In case there is any doubt among all and any that read this – you are not Beppe Signore. He can do this, you cannot.

Midfield General (ret.)

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